Our dispatch services save you time and
money. We handle the complexities of
load and route coordination, so you can
focus on maximizing profits. Streamline
operations for greater efficiency, cost
reduction, and increased bottom-line
returns. Trust us for specialized services.


All Freights is dedicated to providing top-quality dispatch services to both owner-operators and trucking companies, regardless of size. We strive to ensure that every driver has a personal dispatcher assigned to them, who is committed to finding the best freight loads at the highest prices while maintaining a consistent workload.

Our experienced team of over 35+ truck dispatchers has been in the industry for more than five years and has a comprehensive knowledge of the most efficient routes to take. Our services remove the hassle of sifting through load boards and completing paperwork, allowing you to focus on your passion – driving.

With our dispatching service, you can minimize deadhead miles and avoid spending countless hours negotiating with freight shippers or brokers to secure truckloads. Our streamlined process reduces stress and improves driver satisfaction.

At All Freights, we’re committed to providing professional dispatching services that allow you to optimize your driving experience while increasing your earnings. Let us help you stay loaded and on the road.


All specializes in arranging professional dispatch services for owner-operators and truckers, presenting the opportunity for high-paying loads as you drive.